Defendant told to do his "own chores"

Defendant told to do his "own chores"

The case was heard at Craigavon Magistrates' Court.

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Staff Reporter


A Judge has warned a defendant to do his own chores after pleading guilty to breaching three court orders.

The case of John Thomas Stephen Doran, (33), of Castleview, Gilford, was heard at Craigavon Courthouse sitting on Wednesday, June 22.

The court heard that in May 2020, police received a 999 call from the injured party who stated that her ex-partner, the defendant, was in her home.

This call then ended, police called the number back and the injured party answered but pretended to be on the phone with someone else.

Officers arrived and located Doran in the injured party’s home.

The complainant alleged that she had been in her bed when she heard the door open to her home, and despite initially thinking it was her son, she shouted “who is that?” and the response was “me”.

She stated that the defendant entered her bedroom, was drunk and asked her for some food.

The injured party went to the kitchen to phone the police and the defendant is subjected to a non-molestation order and a restraining order in relation to the complainant.

The NMO prevents him entering Banbridge past the 30mph signs where the injured party’s home is located and she stated that she was afraid when Doran came into her room due to previous domestic history.

The defendant was arrested, conveyed to custody and after being examined by the FMO, it was revealed that he would not be fit due to alcohol consumption until the next morning.

Doran was then interviewed and admitted turning up at the address unannounced at the injured party’s home but denied being in her bedroom.

The defendant was aware of the conditions of the NMO and admitted to breaching this, however, he denied breaching the restraining order as he did not think his action would lead the injured party feeling harassed.

On February 6, 2020, the injured party attended Banbridge Police Station and wanted to make an additional statement of complaint after stating that she was too embarrassed to tell the attending police officers the full version of events at the time of the offence.

The complainant alleged she attended court on January 13, 2020, in relation to the defendant but it was put back. It was explained that she then received an e-mail from Doran which read: “Thanks for nearly getting me jailed you eejit”.

The injured party then stated she received numerous calls from different numbers but didn’t answer them and she also had a voicemail from the defendant asking her to phone him.

The injured party added that later the day, Doran entered her room but she elbowed the defendant to get away from him and managed to phone 999 but she had to hang up as the defendant followed her.

In his defence, the court was told that these cases are of some vintage and that he spent on a considerable time on bail for these matters and complied with them.

It was added that he has a good employment history and pleaded guilty to the first sets of charges at the earliest opportunity.

The solicitor continued it was an “exceptional case” that made the sentencing exercise more complicated.

District Judge Bernie Kelly said: “It is my view that repeated breaches of a non-molestation order at first blush would attract an immediate custodial sentence.

“However, I’m taking into account your lack of previous offending as at the date of commission of these offences for similar types offending and I’m taking into account the rest of your solicitor’s plea.

“I do have to say sir if I ever see you again and don’t ever ask a woman to make you food.

“Is there a reason you’re wholly incapable of making your own food?

“They aren’t there as your slaves to order about, to do what you want as and when you want.

“If I ever see you again for anything similar; there’s a clue in there, when you’re asking women to do chores for you, does that not tell you where you place women in terms of your view of them?”

The Judge imposed a probation order for 18 months across all charges, with strict conditions set by the court.

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