Five facts to help you keep warm and save money

Five facts to help you keep warm and save money

David Blevings.

Staff reporter


Staff reporter

As temperatures begin to drop across Northern Ireland, thousands will soon be reaching to turn the thermostat up to heat their homes.  With energy prices rising across the globe, OFTEC, representing the liquid fuel industry in Ireland, is revealing the facts behind costly winter heating myths – and they could save you from extra expense this winter.

David Blevings, OFTEC Ireland Manager, comments: “All energy prices are increasing; in the oil sector this is due to supply cuts from OPEC and shorter production runs at refineries.

Other energy sources have indicated price hikes coming at the end of this year. While further increases in the oil price cannot be ruled out, we would encourage consumers to fill their tanks now ahead of any increases. The advantage of purchasing oil is you can choose when and how much to purchase”.

“By being aware of these heating misconceptions, NI households can reduce their energy use and save money on their heating bills.”

Myth: I only order my oil when it runs out, that way I can get more into the tank
Fact: By waiting for the oil to run out you are putting extra stress on the boiler. It will pull in any debris in the tank and this can block your filter and cause damage to your burner. Always order oil before you run out and discuss a payment plan with your local NI Oil Federation Member to prevent run outs.

Myth: Turning the thermostat up high will warm the house more quickly
Fact: In an attempt to get warm in a hurry, it can be tempting to turn the thermostat to a high setting. However, the house will warm at the same speed, regardless of what the temperature it is set to. You are best off keeping the thermostat to the temperature you want the room to be, rather than overheating and wasting energy

Myth: It’s costs less to leave the heating running at a constant low temperature than turning it off and on
Fact: It depends on the house use. If you are at home all day (home working) it can be more comfortable to have the heating on all day at a low temperature. However, having your heating on when it’s not needed is not beneficial and does cost more money. Adjusting your timer to ensure the heating only comes on when needed and only heating the rooms you are using will save you money.

Myth: Your water needs to be constantly heated during the day or it will be cold
Fact: Water tanks that are insulated well will keep water warm for several hours, even all day. A hot water jacket can be an excellent investment, providing an extra layer of insulation to keep water warmer for longer.

Myth: Only call out a technician if your boiler isn’t working correctly
Fact: It’s far more beneficial (and recommended by HSENI & the Consumer Council) to have a heating system serviced once a year to make sure it is safe and running efficiently. These checks can prevent a boiler breakdown and the associate costs to repair the boiler. Make sure you use an OFTEC registered technician to ensure your oil boiler is operating correctly and test for carbon monoxide spillage.

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